Uttarakhand Forest

           Forest Department in Uttarakhand is responsible for    managing some of the richest forests and biodiversity in  India . These are spread over a landscape that includes  plains country where the tall Sal trees and myriad other plant  species hold sway. Tigers, Elephants, Deer, Antelopes,  King Cobras, Pythons, a large number of bird species,  amongst so many other animal species, inhabit these  forests, bush and grasslands. The Himalayas to the north of  the plains country are covered with the green of pines,  cedar, fir, oaks etc. and during part of the year, blushes of  rhododendrons cover the slopes of our hills. Above the tree  line are found the grasslands, locally called bugyals , and  beyond them the perpetual snows rise way beyond 25000  feet above mean sea level. Wildlife like Leopards, Snow  Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Brown Bear, Musk Deer,  many wild fowls, are some of the representatives of rich  wildlife inhabiting these forests. The mighty, crystal clear  rivers and lakes that have a rich aquatic biodiversity  including some of the best game fishes of the World  including the trouts and the magnificent Mahseer.

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